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Do You Zoom?

28 May 2021

“Let’s have a Zoom!”

You may heard this very often during these stay-at-home, learn-from-home and work-from-home days, and you definitely wouldn’t think that the word “zoom” relates to any quick movement or the close-up or long shot of camera, but an online call or meeting session.

Zoom, as a video conferencing software, has risen during the Covid-19 social distancing period as one of the top (if not the topmost), in the Malaysia market, as well as in the rest of the world.

Zoom has provided a number of interesting features to enhance the video conferencing experience of the customers, and they have a good patenting strategy to protect these technologies too. They have filed patents on various technical features, including the method and apparatus for capturing a group photo with a countdown signal, method and system for facilitating high-fidelity audio sharing, and unique watermark generation which enables detection of the source of Zoom recording, etc.

With the continuous innovation of Zoom Video Communications and other big communication companies during these social distancing covid-days, we believe that the once “matured” video conferencing industry as well as the number of patent applications in this field will continue to boom.


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