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The Patent of Coffee Capsules

24 May 2021
Who doesn't like to have the aroma of coffee as part of our morning ritual?

Today, if we would like to have a little more refined cup of espresso closer to the freshly ground, we may choose either a machine brewed coffee capsule or a hand brewed drip coffee. It is said that the coffee capsule is an invention developed by the Father of Coffee Capsule, Eric Favre, because of his wife's little tease about the Swiss bland coffee. Hence he decided to prove to his wife that he is capable of making the ultimate espresso, and here comes the coffee capsules which have then become popular all over the world in recent years.

Let's ake a look at the first patent drawing of the coffee capsule invention by Mr Favre in 1976 (picture from published patent document FR2372008), you will see that the capsules today has been greatly evolved.


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